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We are here

to help!

Please give your local loan officer

call if you are facing financial

hardships during this time.

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Apple Pay - G Pay 2

Pay the safe way

Add your UBT debit card to your mobile wallet for contactless payment.

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Financial Hardship slide

Two-Way Text Alerts!

Keeping your card safe with

United Bank & Trust is as

easy as sending a text.

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Location Hour Change



All of our locations are temporarily operating as drive-thru only facilities due to COVID-19. Customers needing additional services can call to make an appointment to meet with a branch representative.  

Mortgage Loans

Home ownership is possible with United Bank & Trust mortgage.

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Fraud Awareness

Be aware of potential scams or attempts to obtain personal identifying information from unsolicited email, phone calls, text messages, etc. If you should get a request for personal information from someone claiming to be a representative of United Bank & Trust, do NOT give them any information. Call your local branch immediately.

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