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5 Things You Can Do To Start Saving

  • Start Small - No dollar amount is too small to start saving. By starting small, you can get a feel for your new budget and adjust from there.

  • Set Savings Goals - Determine what you're saving for and when you want to accomplish your goal.

  • Create a Savings Plan - Your goal will seem easier to reach if there are action steps to follow and milestones to reach.

  • Set Boundaries - Hold yourself accountable by setting funds into accounts with limited or restricted access such as a Pay Yourself First Savings, Money Market accounts or Christmas Club accounts.

  • Schedule Automatic Transfers - Set aside a portion of your payroll by scheduling online transfers from your payroll accounts to savings products on your pay date.

Piggy Bank


5 Things To Know About Credit Scores

Credit Score

  • Key items affecting your credit score are: Payment history – Amount of Debt – Length of Credit History – New Credit – Credit Mix

  • Credit scores are used by lenders, insurance companies, landlords, utility companies and service providers such as cell phone and internet companies.

  • Credit scores are used to determine eligibility for credit, as well as the price you pay for it.

  • Monitor your credit score with a free annual report from each of the major bureaus at bit.ly/acr-ubt

  • Learn more at bit.ly/fico-ubt


The information provided is intended for illustrative purposes only and may not be applicable to your individual situation.

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